Sunday, October 14, 2012

True Love or Mutual Insanity?

Nevin and I both distinctly heard Randall say that he wanted to make the popcorn for supper tonight.

"No," Randall said, "I most certainly did NOT say that!"

So what does that mean when you hear voices in your head and...
...they are the same voices your husband is hearing in his head?

Should we be heading for help or basking in our oneness?

In the meantime, I'm hearing another voice in my head that I think I'll heed.  It's saying: "Take note: Wade probably shouldn't be in charge of setting drinks on the supper table because he appears to be sampling each one."

And then I clearly heard Wade say, "Mom, you silly goose!"

I'm so proud of his clear diction of this new vocabulary!  (Or was that just another one of those voices?)

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