Sunday, October 28, 2012

Changing the Face of Beauty

Perfection.  We seem possessed by the pursuit of it.  Few of us are untouched by the perfection obsession, either exhausting ourselves in obtaining it or depressing ourselves in losing it.

In defense of this tendency, I do think that the desire for perfection is God-given.  He created us for a perfect world in the first place.  And we still long for that world.

But sometimes we have strange ways of trying to recreate it.  In our desperate hunger to go back to the Paradise that was once the Garden of Eden, we have developed a sadly distorted vision of what perfection really looks like.

That's why I love the campaign being launched called "Changing the Face of Beauty".  Its mission is "to integrate individuals with disabilities into general advertising".

Now you could dismiss that as being only another part of the political correctness of our time.  I'll admit with great shame, that I may have entertained that thought myself a few years back.

But because of Wade, I see the deeper meaning in this campaign.  I see value of causing us to stop and think about the way we view beauty.  I see the photographs and know that in the course of ordinary events they will catch the eye of an audience who will think new thoughts and ask new questions, even if just for a moment.

I know that we all will learn, eventually, the futility of this world's perfection.  And I pray that we can together also learn the hope of these powerful images that are "capturing grace one face at a time".

Now that's true beauty.

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Me ;-) said...

Wow, I love this movement. It kind of reminds me of Tyra Banks "So what" campaign. Not in the specific point of where she talked about women and self hatred, but more so in saying, "Sure, I may be a little different, but so what! I'm still beautiful, inside and out!"