Sunday, September 14, 2008


What is Wade doing now? Well, take a look.
Physical Therapy
  • Climbing…climbing…climbing!
  • Kicking a ball (which requires him to balance on one leg)
  • Squatting to play (he has finally accomplished this very well)
  • Walking up an incline
  • Learning to jump
  • Playing throw and catch
  • Riding a scooter
Occupational Therapy
  • Building block towers
  • Poking pegs in holes and putting shapes on the pegs
  • Using shape sorters (he loves doing this!)
  • Learning to spoon feed himself
  • Using a crayon to make vertical strokes
  • Squeezing play dough
Speech Therapy
  • Having lots and lots of story times
  • Using flash cards for signing and making sounds
  • Watching signing videos
  • Having someone help him with Starfall on the computer
  • Singing many songs with actions
He is certainly lagging the most in speech at this point. He had said some words earlier and then quit saying them. Now he's back to saying, "Mom" again and "Bye" and "Up". He waves his arms and tells us long stories which must be very funny because he has to stop and laugh every so often.