Friday, October 11, 2013

Public Service Post

Did you know that when the brain doesn't get perceptual change it will hallucinate in order to provide variety for itself?

There is even a special term for the trains of brilliantly colored and varied hallucinations which come to console or torment those kept in isolation or darkness: "the prisoner's cinema."  
Total visual deprivation is not necessary to produce hallucinations---visual monotony can have much the same effect. 
                                                                               from Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks

Thus sailors on a calm sea, travelers on a sandy desert or a snowy prairie, or pilots of high-altitudes may find themselves subject to a bored brain trying to create variety.  Likewise, auditory monotony may also lend itself to auditory hallucinations.

So, perhaps by giving us "interesting variety" in our lives, God is saving our brains from having to make up the stimulation it needs.  Have you ever thought of thanking God for the variety of life that keeps you sane?

In case, however, this week hasn't provided you with enough variety, I feel an obligation to keep you from hallucinating.

These pictures are what the doctor ordered.

The attachment.  No piercing required.

Live lizard earring.  Totally chic.

Other attachments.  No lizards were harmed.

Knowing how to accessorize is everything.

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