Friday, October 12, 2012

Simplifying the Learning Process

It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy ones like, "What about lunch?" --Winnie the Pooh


One of the things I've been learning as I work with Wade is how to simplify a learning experience into more manageable tasks.  In other words, we might take seven steps to get up the stairs instead of only two.

Here's what that looks like for memorizing his Sunday school verses.

 We begin Monday morning by writing the verse and reference on flashcards.  I used to write one word per card, but we have now graduated to chunking the words two or three at a time.

We read over the cards several times and then begin turning one card over at a time to leave a blank spot for him to say by memory.  He can peek under the card at any time to check if he forgets the word.  As soon as he can read the verse along with filling in the blank card from memory, then we turn the next card over and he has to say the verse with two blank cards, etc.

We practice every day and when he knows the verse, he gets to call Grandma and say it to her over the telephone.

And now he's got it!


Unknown said...

I love how he says "I" on the video. Go Wade!

nstrite said...

Laura, you're not training Ashton & Lisa to say AH-EEE are you?

Me ;-) said...

Way to go Wade! I gotta try your learning method with Little Miss D!