Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Is it possible to bite someone (for example, a brother) accidentally?

I don’t think so either, but this is his story.

“Well, Mom, we were jumping and when he fell on my head, my teeth just sort of clamped down.”

--The Lady

More Therapy

Wade has physical therapy once a week with Susan. He's always happy to see her, but then she pushes him over and he cries. It's all part of his therapy to try to get him to use and strengthen the right muscles. But Susan is so full of songs and energy that he is soon cheerful again.

In July, Wade got a new occupational therapist who also comes once a week. Jesse brings a bag full of toys for Wade to reach for and even helps Wade eat snacks to work on his pincer grasp. Fun! Fun! Wade loves to eat.

Wade's service coordinator Karen comes once a month to coordinate Wade's treatments and to make sure he is not missing any essential elements of therapy.

Wade also gets speech therapy from Liz once a month.

Friday, August 03, 2007

How To Stay Unfocused

Christopher has taught himself to cross his eyes “with no finger”! He happily tried to teach Randall how to do it. “You just put the black parts of your eyes in and the white parts out!”

Randall tries. . .

and tries. . .

and tries, but never gets it!

Christopher shows how it's done.