Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wade's Favorite Day of the Year

Of all celebrations, Wade likes the Buddy Walk best.  He treasures the shirt he gets each year, preferring to wear it above anything else in his closet.  With between 500 and 600 participants, today was a day to be cherished again.

The oldest buddy there was 36.  He loved the face painting and his shirt too.
The youngest buddy was 2 months, a precious bundle all wrapped up for the cold morning.

Wade loved the mascots--USC Aiken's Ace the Pacer and Auggie of the Augusta Green Jackets.  Apparently, we were having too much fun to get many pictures though!

As always we are blessed by the many people who generously donate for the cause, from talented face painters to providers of food  and places to bounce.

Publix even provided hula hoops.

Directions not included.

Wade's face painting is still beloved at the day's end...

...right next to a dear dinner roll!

Blessings to all the Buddies who continuously enrich our lives.