Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On the Calendar: Wednesday

Wednesday's schedule is the same as Tuesday's with OT, speech, and Bible Play School.

Then it's time to take a nap.

Speech homework today was practicing matching things that belong.  Sometimes the answers get interesting.

"What likes to eat carrots?"  He's supposed to say, "A rabbit."
Instead he says, beaming,  "I do!"

"What do you do with a nail?"
"Eat it!"

So we went out to Daddy to have a practical life lesson on hammers and nails and saws.

Show me a nail, Daddy!

Here they are in the box marked "nails"!

We do not eat nails!

We hammer nails!

Wade can do it too!

Does a saw cut paper?
No, a saw cuts wood.

See Wade saw!

Now back inside to finish the homework from Bible Play School.

Then it's time to help Chris study spelling words.  Wade loves to call out the words for Chris.  It helps Wade to practice enunciating the words clearly enough that Chris can understand them.  Wade says the word and then Chris is supposed to say the word, spell it out, and then say it again.  And Wade is very, very impressed with this say, spell, say thing.  In fact, one evening he was so excited he couldn't wait for Chris to spell the word.  He said, "Play, S-P-E-R-T, play!"

And then there are the fill in the blank sentences to practice like "You sleep in a _______."

Today I had given him several open-ended sentences in which he did well.  Then I said, "Mommy drives a _________."

And Wade said, "Balloon!"

And Nevin said, "I thought he said 'broom'."


And I think I just saw a prince turn into a frog.


PollythePatchworker said...

Karen I love following your blog and getting to know my first and a half cousin better! I just want to squeeze Wade and say "Way to go!!!"

Give my regards to the frog.

Me ;-) said...

I just love reading about your little smart guy! The frog/prince comment had me rolling with laughter!