Tuesday, October 18, 2011

From Head to Toe

Christopher gets a "good morning" from Wade. 

And if the day wasn't good before, it is now.

Murphy eats breakfast.

Wade visits the ENT.

  Wade has been on antibiotics twice lately because of fluid on his ears. The tube in the right ear is no longer functioning, and the left ear still has a perforation which has healed somewhat.  Visits to the ENT are frequent as we try to stay on top of things.  The fluid was no longer there today and his hearing was fine.  There was some negative pressure though which may be an indication of fluid either coming or going.  The doctor prescribed a nasal spray to help drain his Eustachian tubes and another visit in 4 - 6 weeks if we can make it that long.

All done!  Dr. Vickery is a good buddy.

Oh, but what could make a happy boy sad?

It's these inserts for his shoes.

Wade is quite flatfooted.  After jumping down 4 steps this summer (because Christopher did it), he slightly injured his foot and limped for a couple of days.  The two pt's who examined him felt that he really should be wearing inserts to help support his arches.  So he had another doctor visit today to get the inserts and make sure they fit.  They seemed to fit, although by the time we checked out, he told me they were "too tight".

He fell asleep, however, and slept in the car with Grandma during another stop.  But partway home I looked back to see tears quietly rolling down his cheeks while he worked fruitlessly to get his shoes off.  After a while I asked him if his feet hurt and he said, "Yes!"  He didn't make another sound all the way home, but the silent tears kept coming.  If he had just screamed and yelled like an ordinary child, it wouldn't have broken my heart.

But here he is, home, and glad to have them off.

And here I am, home, and dreading putting them back on tomorrow.

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Me ;-) said...

Awwww Wade sweetie . . . you got me crying over here too :-(