Monday, October 10, 2011

On the Calendar: Monday

I've been working on time concepts with Wade.  Every evening before he goes to bed we talk about what the next day will be and what he will be doing at what time during the day.  One of his music therapists taught us a great little song that talks about yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and every morning we sing that while talking about the day's schedule.  That great printable above is from School Sparks.

I have his monthly schedule written out on a calendar page, and each evening Wade draws an X across the day that is all done.  Last year I just did a weekly schedule because each day of every week was the same.  This year though his schedule is not the same each week so it was better to write (in pencil!) the month's activities.

So this week I'll tell a bit about what he does each day in therapy or school and also one or more activities we do at home.

This morning he had Yellow Time with Mommy.  Don't ask me why it's called Yellow Time; that's what he named it and so that's what it is.  But he looks forward to it as much as if it would be Ice Cream Time.

We tossed balls into a container. 

 These little balls are easy to make and easy to throw.  One of Wade's ot's gave me the idea.  Randall made these for Wade's Christmas gift one year, but you can just use a handkerchief and stuff it with plastic bags or with quilt batting.  Tie it shut with a ribbon or with a tight rubber band and you have a great therapy toy!

In the afternoon, Wade had music therapy with Andrea.  They were talking about fall things today, so there were lots of new and old vocabulary words, which led to my favorite quote of the day.

Andrea:  Wade, what do you eat on Thanksgiving Day?

Wade:  Cats!

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