Friday, October 14, 2011

On the Calendar: Friday

Schoolwork with Mrs. Lovett, special ed teacher

Practicing listening skills with Earobics

The other boys had the day off school, so we ran some errands and went to the library where Wade was delighted to find Winnie the Pooh.  They had a nice little conversation right there among the books. 

"Pink, pink, pink," said Wade, patting Pooh's paw against his head (meaning, "think, think, think")

Then, nose to nose with Pooh, he lovingly said, "Good-bye, Winnie the Pooh," and put him back up on the shelf.

And then, what do you know, Randall and Christopher found some Winnie the Pooh DVD's! 

"Winnie the Pooh! I take it home!"

Wade was also delighted to find all by himself the book Let's Go, Froggy which is on one of his Kindermusik CD's.  He sat right down and read it out loud to anyone in the library who wanted to listen.

And then he read it again at home.  

And again. 

And again.

And now we're all done with Friday!

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