Thursday, October 20, 2011

Classic Disclaimers

Randall, age 5:  Maybe I already did put my toys away and the devil got them back out.

Christopher, age 6:  No, I didn't see it.  But my memory is so good that I can imagine what she saw.

Randall, age 11:  Just because you saw me do it doesn't mean it was me.  It might have been a disguise.

Christopher, age 7: Who won the war of 1957?
Mom:  What war of 1957?
Chris:  I mean the war when the Israelites got killed.
Mom:  Oh, well, the Israelites fought many wars, but those were years ago.
Chris:  No, I mean the war when George Washington was in it.

Wade, age 5 (locks the van door with his foot)
Dad:  Wade, did you lock the door again?
Wade, (looking guilty): No!
Dad:  Then who did it?
Wade:  Wade did it!

Conclusion:  Logic is overrated.  Confusion works just fine.  Mom and Dad are now speechless.

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Tami said...

That's soooooo cute!