Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On the Calendar: Tuesday

Wade has both speech and occupational therapy on Tuesdays. He correctly told me how to get there this morning by telling me where to turn right or left.  When I remember, I've been taking a little different route this year after deciding it was shorter.  But one morning (without enough coffee) I would have missed it if he hadn't suddenly looked up from his book and said, "Turn right, Mom!"

In speech therapy today, he was cutting with a scissors, saying picture strings, and matching items that belong together like peanuts and elephants.

"Who eats peanuts?" Sara said, and the sweet little girl in speech with Wade answered, "My mommy eats peanuts!"

In OT Wade practiced throwing and catching a ball while standing on a designated spot. Every time he caught the ball he got to name a favorite food.  We've been working on categories: fruit and vegetables; zoo, farm, and ocean animals; musical instruments, furniture, etc.

After therapy, he goes to Bible Play School where he plays, sings, and studies with the other children.

That's his best buddy Bryan on the left!

The schoolwork this year is a step up for him because it involves writing letters and numbers within the lines.  But he is absolutely thrilled because the children have homework every day to reinforce the skills they are learning.

Today he cut out the otter for the Things That Begin with O page and then said, "Beautiful!"

Today Grandma Ann picked him up at Bible Play School because I was serving hot lunch with some other moms at Randall and Christopher's school.  It's always a delight for Wade when Grandma Ann picks him up.  He thinks she should be worked into his schedule every day.

And just to prove that he's not the only one that works, here are a few pictures of Randall and Chris at school too.


Uncle Ken said...

I'm not sure I can remember being happy that I had homework.

Anonymous said...

this is so neat KK...I wonder if anyone does this for autism?!

kkstrite said...

Are you talking about blogs for autism? I know there are because I remember seeing some great ones, but don't know now where they were. I could probably ask around and find out though if that's what you're wanting.