Sunday, October 30, 2011

Making Connections

The more I learn, the more I am amazed at how one area of development leads to another. In His great wisdom, God has created us so that the natural, loving care of families feeds a child's development in exactly the right ways.

It is when we notice deviations from the usual that we realize extra means are necessary to bring about the same results.  With any delay in development, it is a gamble to do nothing.  We don't do early intervention so that John can compete academically with Sue, but so that John can meet early developmental goals that, in turn, become part of the process which will maximize his potential later on of living a healthy, productive life.

No, I can't predict the future with definitive certainty for my child with developmental delays, but neither can I predict the future for my other children.  For all of them, however, I wish to do what I can to guide and train them to be responsible members of society who will help to build for the good of others.

What I do today, although seemingly insignificant, becomes monumental when joining forces with the powers of yesterday and tomorrow.

And so, although I have not yet experienced the future with my children, I can learn from the lives of those who have journeyed a similar path.

So for the protein of today's post, here are some connections to explore for the education of both you and your child.

Down Syndrome 101 ---lots of helpful information here on a wide range of subjects

Down Syndrome Daily ---news articles relating to Down syndrome

Your Therapy Source  ---many terrific printables and activities here from pediatric occupational and physical therapists

And here are some things we're we continue to learn...

You might very well ask, what are we doing?  It all looks so ordinary.  No formulas for greatness there.  

And if you said that you would be absolutely right.  For we are learning that simply incorporating the daily lessons into our practical life opportunities as we go, allows the Ordinary to become the fertile ground where someday the Extraordinary may bloom.

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