Friday, October 28, 2011

Firing at Random from My Brain to Yours

1.  It's fall.  Grab a book and curl up with a cup of something hot.  Or you could just find a stoplight somewhere...

  Ish  and The Dot, both by Peter Reynolds --we all need someone to believe in us.  I still love picture books and these speak to my inner artist that has not revealed itself yet.

    Active Baby, Healthy Brain by Margaret Sasse--how to play with purpose, and the benefits of doing so.  This would make a great baby gift for any parent.

2.  Somebody got up early this morning and got the camera.  He sort of left his signature at the scene of the crime similar to the time he signed his name Wade in pink highlighter on one of Nevin's business checks.  It's really hard to blame something like that on Christopher.

3.  I learned today from Christopher that if I were in a cupcake contest with other mothers, I would win in the Messiest Cupcakes Category.  Fragile is what you call them, he says.

4.  I am done painting.  Done.  I celebrated by making fragile cupcakes.

5.  And I really do not know.  Can a ventriloquist throw his burps?  Because I don't remember studying that when I signed on to be a mother.

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