Sunday, October 17, 2010

See Wade Read

We bought the Downsed materials for Wade this summer. I had already been using their methods for a long time in using word flashcards and matching pictures to teach familiar items, actions, and people.

Research shows that children with Down syndrome will learn to speak better if they are taught to read first. It's another one of those extraordinary truths that blows all my previous theories out of the water! As Wade sees the words, he can say them much better and is encouraged to put several words together and to make longer sentences.

See for yourself.


Lezlie H. said...

Wow. This inspires me to get working on Pre-K work with Kaylie more!

Anonymous said...

I'm speechless! He's certainly not, but I am!! Way to go Wade (and Mommy)!

Anonymous said...


Janet H. said...

That is so neat ; who would have guessed!