Friday, October 15, 2010

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Here are some of the products and websites I've enjoyed using for Wade's education. In fact, I've enjoyed them so much that sometimes I fear I have never really grown-up at all, which would probably explain the continuing allurement of Peter Pan and Pooh and Wonderland tales.

So indulge me today and come and play.

These foam beads available at the dollar store are great for Wade to string because they don't slip off the needle. They also make a good OT quiet toy to take along to church.

Canon has a lovely site with colorful flashcards and silhouettes to match--one set of vegetables and fruit, another set of animals. These are free printables and the more ink you use, the better Canon loves you.

Another site with loads of free printables is Activity Village. They have everything from learning games to lacing cards. Wade really enjoys the tracing pages.

Enchanted Learning is full of great ideas. And don't you just love the name?

Sparklebox has amazingly colorful free printables covering literacy and numeracy as well as other topics such as weather, art, music, senses, space, and how to outsmart your parents. (Not really--just checking to make sure you're still paying attention.)

Childcareland has a terrific repertoire of videos that show you ideas of how to use the free printables with your child. It also has pages with clear photographs of fantastic hands-on teaching ideas.

And one more favorite thing we've been using lately is Boggle, Jr. Using the dice to spell the words helps in pattern sequencing as well as in using words like first, next, and last.

Well, there you are, with links to more fun than a human being should be allowed to have. Go forth and play (with a purpose)!

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