Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tell Me a Story

We all love a good book--and in this economy, it's certainly the best way to travel!

Wade loves the audio books on More Starfall and follows along with the words, saying them out loud--great for practicing his ability to produce longer sentences.

So for today, here are some links to some virtual libraries.

Lil Fingers--online audio storybooks

Ziggity Zoom--more online audio storybooks ( as well as more printables--great alphabet tracing worksheets and color flashcards)

Storynory--online audio books for both younger and older children including stories from authors such as Rudyard Kipling, Oscar Wilde, Lewis Carroll, and Charles Dickens.

Children's Books Online--an adorable antique collection of books to page through and read online; some of them have audio

Aren't these pictures charming?

And then, because we all love a good story, let me tell one on Nevin.

Remember a few days ago I posted a link to the weird and wonderful tales of Musicophilia. In it were several instances of otherwise normal people who experienced musical hallucinations--so real that they were sure they were hearing live music from somewhere. These poor people heard whole symphonies inside their heads, music that could not be shut off (including one old lady who wasn't amused to be wakened every morning to the strains of "The Old Grey Mare, She Ain't What She Used to Be").

Last night Nevin was on his way home after dark on a lonely country road (well, okay, as lonely and country as you can get a few miles south of our metropolis), when he stopped at the stop sign and heard church bells behind him plain as day.

Only there are no church bells anywhere around.

He opened the window, and they were still there ringing.

He backed up to see if the sound would become closer. They still rang the same.

Lovely. Weird. Hallucinatory.

Then he realized they were coming from behind his seat.



He had forgotten that he had picked up our repaired chiming clock at the jewelers that day.

Guess we won't have to call for Dr. Sacks after all.

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Anonymous said...

That was funny about Nevin's musical hallucination! I once heard of someone who kept hearing a radio station in his head. Somehow the metal filling in his tooth was picking it up.
I think good illustrations are half of a good children's book - maybe more than half!!