Saturday, October 09, 2010

Knowledge is Power

Never in history has there been a better time to have a child with Down syndrome. Medical advances have increased life expectancies; support groups and online communities provide helpful information in a private and non-threatening manner; libraries and book stores carry up-to-date resources developed from research on the best ways to teach children with Down syndrome. It's all there at our fingertips.

Today I'll share a list of some of my favorite books of the last four years. Woodbine House is a publisher specializing in books about children with special needs. They carry all of the following books, but I have linked the titles to Amazon because there you can read reviews and also click on each book to take a peek inside.

These first books have info on the best ways to help your child learn based on current research. I especially liked them because they were broken down into easy steps with photographs that I could refer to again and again. (Yes, these were the books I hyperventilated over at first. But you know better than to do that.)

And when you've read all that and are geared up to be Therapy Parents of the Year, go and read this one for another side to consider. Taken together with the rest, it helps to balance out the need to go put your head in a paper bag and breathe slowly.

And to help spread out the worrying to make sure it gets shared equally, here's one by Dr. Brian Skotko concerning your other children without the lucky 47th chromosome.

After all that, you need some downtime to relax with the stories of some very beautiful families. Here are two resources I wish we had been given when Wade was born. The first is a book, the second a DVD along with a link to the YouTube trailer.

These resources highlight the gentle magic of that extra chromosome that so happily bewitches us all.


Philip May said...

Thank you for compiling this list. We will have a permanent link to this post for sure.

..and I'm not just saying that because you linked to Deedah. ;-)

can't wait to meet your family.

Anna said...

I think I can , I think I can....