Friday, October 04, 2013

Birthdays, Lizards and Everything Else

Wade and Christopher both have September birthdays 10 days apart.  Wade sang "Happy Birthday" to us all individually whether or not we had turned a year older.  We were all perfectly okay with that.

He also decorated this ball of ice cream and said it was his birthday cake.  I appreciated the healthy emphasis.

Supper isn't over until you have used a micrometer to get the exact measurement of one grain of salt.

And you haven't really lived until you have looked eyeball to eyeball with a lizard.


Nice lizard.

And the lizard hasn't really lived until he has been made captain of his own private boat.

You've heard of the Princess and the Pea?  Apparently this is Wade's version.

And who made the house of cards?
The same person who's been playing with the camera again.

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