Friday, October 25, 2013

Secret Sparkles

They are called Brushfield spots---light-colored speckles within the iris.

About ten to twenty percent of the typical population may have them.

Eighty-six percent of people with Down syndrome have them.

Because Wade's eyes are so dark, his Brushfield spots are not visible except in very bright light.  In the picture above, they were slightly apparent when he was just a few months old.

I like to think of them as hidden sparkles that carry wonderful secrets from God to the People Who Know.

Several years ago, an advertisement  offered contacts with Brushfield spots, so if your eyes didn't naturally have sparkles, you could buy them.

But I don't think the secrets were included.

Recent research suggests that individuals with Down syndrome may hold the key to the mystery of Alzheimer's disease.  The answer to unraveling the mystery and finding treatment or a cure just might be in that extra chromosome.  And that would be a secret all of us would like to know before we get old enough to need it.

Who knows what other secrets there are among the sparkles?

Those who are cynical will belittle, the scorners will mock.

But behind the sparkles, I think God might be winking.

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Unknown said...

I didn't know what they are called but I always love what I see in their eyes. :) Beautiful post, as always, Karen.

Blogger said...
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