Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Methods Required

Memory verses at school are a stretch for Wade.

The first few weeks were good because the verses were short.  At school, the children say the verse every time they are dismissed for break (what a wonderful practice!!) and I could tell that was helping him tremendously.  I also printed the verse and stuck it to the back of my driver's seat so it would be before his eyes as we traveled to and from school.   But as time goes on and the verses get longer and have words like exalteth and generations, the memory work is floundering.  Wade will start out saying this week's verse and then revert to a previous verse, especially if it has similar wording.

So this week, after some advice from the music therapist, we are trying a new method:  setting his verse to music.   The music certainly helps him to be actively and happily involved for 10 or 15 minutes working on learning it.  We'll keep experimenting every week and see how it helps.

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