Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Because They Prayed

"I'm fantastical!" said Wade this morning.

But we kept his afternoon ENT appointment anyway because, with Wade, it can be difficult to tell the difference between fantastical and sick.
He's been experiencing nasal congestion the last couple of weeks, and with no tubes in his ears at present, we have to keep a close watch out for fluid build-up..  Wade takes Zyrtec and nasal spray at bedtime year round in order to keep his head clear. Because of his tiny Eustachian tubes, any time he gets congested, he ends up with fluid that won't drain on its own.

He has had four tubes in the right ear and two in the left ear (plus adenoid and tonsil removals).   After the second tube came out of the left ear, it left a perforation that grew to encompass 60% of the ear drum.  It was patched temporarily during subsequent surgeries, but the patches never stayed long enough for complete healing to take place.  This had some effect on his hearing because of less surface area for vibration.

And so his brothers prayed faithfully every evening for Wade's ear to heal.  And I prayed without faith (or ceased praying) because I knew it seemed very unlikely that it would heal.

But I am humbled.  Today Dr. Vickery saw no sign of a perforation in the left ear.  The ear drum is functioning as a healthy one and his hearing is normal.  Dr. Vickery said, "I did not think that would happen."

In addition, Wade appears to be fighting off this congestion on his own.  The right eardrum was not moving, but didn't appear to have fluid behind it, so we will wait and watch to see if it will improve without antibiotic. This will only be the second time Wade has ever been able to fight off the fluid on his own.  And his tiny ear canals are growing also.

And I of Little Faith am praying thank-you prayers and apology prayers and please-help-my-unbelief prayers all at the same time.

Which all sound pretty much like this:

Dear God,

You're fantastical!

The Lady

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