Sunday, October 06, 2013

Uniquely Yours

Whether it's fashion, music, or art,

 Wade has his own ideas about how it should be worn, sung, danced, or drawn.

He loves to draw and interprets his art as he produces it.
(In other words, he draws and then gives it new meaning if it turns out looking like something else).

We have worked hard here at home on visual discrimination.  This picture he drew from a step-by-step guide with me illustrating each step for him.  That was in August.  He is getting better now at being able to look at a whole shape and copy it on his own.  In fact, sometimes now he tells me to "go away" so he can work on his own.  (Yay, I'm fired!)

This one he did at school of his family:  Chad, Stuart, Christopher, Randall, Dad, Mom, and Wade.
(I guess that was more interpretive art.  "Cad" and "Strt" are beloved cousins which Wade would be happy to make part of our family.)

And Friday he came home from school with this picture of himself helping Dad make BBQ sauce.
Dad is on the bottom and Wade is joyfully leaping over the top.  I especially like the way both Wade and Dad have whiskers.*

*Note to food inspector:  this picture has no known resemblance to the way we actually process barbecue sauce.

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Coleen B said...

Aww, such a cute little humpty dumpty dad! I guess that must be his giant book of bbq sauce recipes spread open before him? :-)