Saturday, October 19, 2013


Wade (kissing me good-night):  Good-night, Bob the Builder!

Me:  I'm not Bob the Builder!  I'm mom!

Wade (chuckling delightedly):  Silly goose, Mother!

Wade:  I had a dream!

Me:  What was it about?

Wade:  Driving, elephant, mouse, and Dr. Vickery!

(This dream is not intended to bear any resemblance to a similar statement from Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Wade:   Chris, stop whistling or I'll slap your head!

Me:  WHAT????!!!!!!!!

Wade (loftily):  Never mind.  I was talking to Chris.

Chris (seriously):  Is there a law against knitting while you drive?

(Some conversations just leave me opening and shutting my mouth with no sound coming out.)

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