Thursday, December 01, 2011

How to Become a Norwegian

It all starts with a pastry board, lefse sticks, and a covered lefse rolling pin.  (My Norwegian lefse sticks were handmade by Nevin in the USA.)

Next you make little balls of mashed potatoes, butter, cream, and flour.

Roll them out.  Roll them thin!

When you're a piece of lefse, you can never be too thin or too delicate.

Fry them quick at high heat.  Real Norwegians, please shut your eyes now. We don't have a real lefse griddle and Randall thought we could get done quicker if we used the smooth side of the waffle iron and fried both sides at once!  Scandalous, I know, but it worked!!  

Even Wade got in on the action.

And Grandma Ann did too.

There was fun enough to share....all day!

What a good team!

Except that somehow they let Pac-man get inside the griddle.  Aaack!!

Ahh!  They taste just right!  We must be real Norwegians at last.


Deborah said...

If I had only known!

When we studied Norway in "My Father's World", I googled lefse recipes, but thought they looked a bit complicated to do... maybe it had something to do with having a newborn in the house and getting everyone over the chicken pox.

Since we so enjoyed a book about a Lapp sheepherding family, we settled for "reindeer" burgers and let everyone have coffee with supper.

kkstrite said...

Deborah, bring them over someday for a field trip and we'll have lefse lessons!