Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Signs of the Seasons

Wade was happy to be an Indian for his Thanksgiving program.

One of his little friends was not happy to be a turkey!

There's a teenager in the house!

Caught in the act!  Somebody got hungry ahead of time.

Somebody also thought his head should be in every picture.

When we're not doing everyday things, we've been living in Narnia lately.  Delightful!  

I found a strange affinity with this glorious quote from Aslan: 

"And business.  I feel I am going to roar.  You had better put your fingers in your ears."  

And somebody redesigned the manger scene. 
I feel a roar coming on....


David Symons said...

*sings* "heigh ho, heigh's off to Bethlehem we go!"

kkstrite said...

And an mt has a song for every occasion--even if he has to create his own blend! =)