Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Week with Wade: Tuesday

Early Tuesday morning: speech therapy with Sara, where he works on oral motor strength, speech intelligibility, using longer sentences, following 3-step commands, etc. Of course, none of this is work at all, because Wade is totally in love with Sara.

Occupational therapy with Tara, the Dearly Beloved, where he does all the fun stuff like play dough, writing, cutting with scissors, patterns and sequencing, etc. 

From therapy, Wade goes to Bible Play School for the rest of the morning, where he loves playing and learning with typical children his own age. Sometimes he gets to ride in the big bus on field trips.

He's so tired after his busy morning that he can rarely stay awake for the 15 minute ride home.

Mommy time: practicing scissors skills cutting up an old calendar

Brother time--How to make a mummy with happy eyes

Daddy time--with hair stylist Wade

Good thing he doesn't mind having his fur combed the wrong way.

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