Sunday, February 06, 2011

Boys, Boola Ball, and a Birthday (Belated)

Randall is gifted in the ability to get sick at all the wrong times--field trip to the zoo, fun night at open house, birthdays (two years!). It's becoming a family joke. So on his 12th birthday, there he was shivering with a fever. Therefore, his party was delayed until we could fit it in again.

Yep, I believe he's well now, Mom.

Celebrating Randall's birthday--at last--with friend Austin.

The Lighting Ceremony

Thar he blows!

Boola Ball---it involves a tennis ball, a bat, and rules that evolve.

Buddies at Bedtime

Bedtime Seranade by Randall, for Randall

'Nite, 'nite, Randall!


Laura K. said...

When did he get glasses???

kkstrite said...

Laura, he's been wearing them at school since last year, but at his last check-up the dr. said he should be wearing them all the time. So he's trying to form new habits. :)