Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Week with Wade: Saturday

Saturdays are music therapy time with David.  Wade loves Saturdays and David and music.

The Hello Song

He's got rhythm!

When Nevin runs the sound systems for various events, he's always complaining that people don't get close enough to the mic. Do you think Wade is close enough to his mic?

Parachute time--can you shake it up and down and walk in a circle at the same time?

David started Wade on the piano in the fall.  The notes of the song are printed in color and there are corresponding colored stickers on the keys.  He has also now learned which fingers to use on what keys.  I have been amazed at his capabilities on the piano and have to thank David for keeping my expectations high enough.

Wade also plays the same song on colored hand bells, using the correct fingers.  The ring finger is a difficult one.

The rest of today we spent with more Beloved People, celebrating Grandma Evelyn's birthday with a picnic.

A birthday party wouldn't be complete without Grandpa.

And then there were more Beloved Aunts and Uncles...

and cousins.....

.....and cousins......

.......and more cousins!

And what about a grubby little boy kiss for a sweet girl.  Awwwww!

The weather was perfect, the turtles were charming, and the alligator tried to ignore us.

We wish Grandma had birthdays more often.

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