Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Day of School

It's funny how the end of summer comes right after the first of summer these days.

Today was Wade's first day of first grade.
When he came home, he said his favorite part of today was "the schoolwork".

He was very happy to be able, finally, to go to school with his brothers.
Here they are:  first grade, fourth grade, and ninth grade.

Now, I will go off to bed and muster up the courage to send him off again tomorrow.
Perhaps the feelings of a mother have been best described in the words of a dad:

"For parents of special needs kids, that first day of school is a mountain of possibility, and it towers next to a valley of fear."
                         ----Robert Rummel-Hudson, "Hope and Fear and Summer's Passing"


Ralph and Ruth Ellen Dickerson said...

What a huge accomplishment. That which only Nevin and you know how much work has gone into this day! Thanks for your family's example of adapting! You are an inspiration to many! Bless you!

Me ;-) said...

Happy 1st day of school! Wow, Wade is growing so fast! I can definitely relate to that quote. I stared at my cell phone from the time I dropped her off until the time she walked out of the building to the car ;-)