Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sounds of Summer

Chris, be quiet!  I'm talking to me.

Mom, I'm hungry!

Do you remember that book I illustrated when I was little?  It was called Pictures Invisible.
(Hmmm.  No, I don't think I remember seeing that.)

When are we going to the library?

I like playing Lightning with my invisible friends.  We each take turns and I play for all three.

What's for supper?

Hello, Mr. Findow!  My name is Cornbread.

I need more books to read.

No, Mom, this isn't a game Wade could play.  It uses four-letter words.  (What?????)

Is there any more meat?

I pray loads during the day.  I think I might be going overboard.

What's for dessert?

There, Mom!  I fixed your blender.  And the good news is that you can break it three more times and I'll still have fuses to fix it.

Blackberry Delight!  I wish I could make my grin bigger so I could better express my feelings!

Here I am, boys!  Keep an eye on me!

Can we read while we eat?

Eek!  Eeeek!  Eeeeeeeek!  I'm just practicing my girl shrieks.

How about a snack?

I'm Tigger, Private Ear.

I'm trying to learn about Black Holes but they keep using words I don't understand.
(Sort of like me learning about Boys.)

Mom, could you help me with this formula: R = 2GM/c² if G is the gravitational constant, M is the body's mass, and c is the velocity of light?

(Um, no, I can't.  But I think it probably has something to do with the Relationship of Food and Books being absorbed by Boys at the Speed of Summer².)


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