Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Remedies by Wade

That's not a broken spot on the kitchen counter top.  
It's a leaf!

How do you fix a headache?
Why with a Band-Aid, of course!

When children don't close their eyes when they pray...
a parent has to help them.

(Oops!  George is curious!)

All food has artistic potential.
This is the house that Wade built.  


If your glasses keep sliding down your nose,
just hold them up with your feet.

When the dishwasher breaks,
make sure you have older brothers.

The more often you draw Grampa...

...the better he looks!

Randall is amazed.

So is Chris.

Which introduces one last piece of advice:
when your eyeballs seem to be leaving,
smile big and no one will notice.

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