Sunday, May 08, 2011

Notes of Interest Found Behind the Dresser

The #1 Boy's Hut

We, the members of the #1 Boy's Hut, in order to form a more Godly hut promise to:

--try not to get in fights

--try not to kick members out of the hut

--try not to tease anybody



 1.  What would you do if you saw some people that were not members of the hut that were tearing down the hut?  (Ask them nicely to go away.)

 2.  What would you do if you started to get in a fight with someone?  (stop fighting and go find either Randy or Randall)

 3.  What would you do if a person started acting really snobbish? (Hold a meeting with the other members and decide what to do.)

 4.  Should we have a president or a very high-positioned person?

 5.  How many members should there be in the hut?

 6.  Should we move the hut?

 7.  Should we make the hut bigger?

 8.  Should we have a hut and a club, just a hut, or just a club?

 9.  What do you think we should name the hut?

10.  Will you follow the rules?

And last of all is my personal favorite.....

11..  The girl's hut is right beside our hut.  Do you think we should fight the girls?

Oh yes, I love housecleaning, finding things behind dressers, living in a house of boys.

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Anonymous said...

And I'm glad you post these things for us all to enjoy!! This is good stuff!