Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to Do Everything You Never Thought of Doing

How to trike safely

How to text with a calculator

How to be environmentally green:  take waterless baths

How to eliminate red eye in photos

How to be a social sleeper

How to sleep strangely

How to hide in your brother's bed at bedtime
(Mom will never find me here!)

How to turn innocent Easter eggs....

......into bullets

How to grow fast crystals....

....while still in your p.j.'s

How to look all cool and hunk-y while still in your p.j.'s

How to imitate a picture.....

(....or is it like this?)

How to write sentences that  alarm psychiatrists

How to drown a drinking bird
(Sorry, Peta, but he just won't take his head out of the water.)

How to sing for an audience

(I wonder why she's not more impressed.)

How to rearrange a manger scene

How to have a good day....

....every day!

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