Sunday, October 07, 2007

A Week in the Life of Wade

Monday: Wade goes to see his eye doctor.

Tuesday: Occupational Therapy in the morning. Upside of Downs support group meeting in the evening.

Wednesday: Physical Therapy

Thursday: Service Coordinator comes to visit

Friday: Speech Therapy


Beth Hotchkiss-Yoder said...

and somewhere in there you are going to post 7 things about yourself?? LOL :)
have a great week ;)

Anonymous said...

It takes a special mother to keep up with a schedule like that, but I know YOU CAN DO IT!

Anonymous said...

Let me encourage you!!! My son is 2 with DS and we are seeing the benefits of all that therapy. He is a walking, talking little social butterfly. He has 35 signs and can communicate any and all of his needs. Just hang in there. If God brings us to a situation, he will bring us through it.