Thursday, October 04, 2007

More photos

Wade with good friend, Ruth Ellen

With cousins Carolina Sue & Landon... Who taught my boys to smile?

Fun with water balloons

All she does is work, work, work...from sunup to sundown

Miss Susan gets the snooty face

The cheerful one



Anonymous said...

I LOVE the snooty face! What a cutie!! :)
Looks like you all visited the EdVenture museum? I think I have a picture of that same cow! lol! Take care! ~Twila

Beth Hotchkiss-Yoder said...

Great Pics!!!! Ok I added you to my "you are tagged list" :)
have a great weekend!!!

nstrite said...

Aaaaaaarggggghhhh!! That will take me a while. Maybe I should just let someone else post 7 things I don't know about myself. Now that would be interesting. :)