Thursday, January 18, 2007

Speech Therapy

Today we met Wade's speech therapist for the first time. Her name is Liz Johnston and her official title is "Speech Pathologist". She gave us some pointers on how to start working with Wade to exercise his cheeks, mouth and tongue muscles. She wants us to check with our pediatrician to see how soon we can start supplementing his feeding with a spoon. They like to start Down's children with a spoon earlier than normal, to start stimulating their mouths in different ways.

She probably won't come back until we do start spoon feeding him. She was very nice, helpful, and told us to call her anytime we have questions or would like for her to come back out.

Liz Johnston - Speech Pathologist
Six milkbones for whoever can tell me why she is wearing one purple glove and one white one.
April (Occupational Therapist), Liz, Karen & Wade


Anonymous said...

What is with the gloves?


nstrite said...

The purple one is grape flavored. She uses it when she wants to stick her finger in your mouth. Yum - Yum!

Unknown said...

to check for color blindness, perhaps? ok, just a random guess...