Sunday, October 22, 2006

Medical Update

Wade with Randall & Christopher

4 days old – We took Wade to an audiologist to have his hearing tested. He had failed the initial test at the hospital when he was born. He failed this test as well. The audiologist wants us to bring him back when he is a month old. At this point we have not found out about the Down’s diagnosis.

8 days old – Wade visits Dr. Jones (pediatrician). Blood is drawn for testing. Dr. Jones discusses some of the implications of Down Syndrome with us.

10 days old – We take Wade to a pediatric ophtamologist. He doesn’t see anything wrong. Wants us to bring him back when he is 6 months old. I think Wade is the youngest patient this Dr. has ever seen. He acted like he wasn’t sure what to do with a baby that young.

2 weeks old – Visited pediatrician again to check weight gain. Wade is slightly under his birth weight. More blood is drawn for testing. Someone let the last batch set out too long.

3 weeks old – Went to visit Dr. Flannery at MCG’s Childrens Medical Center. He is a genetics doctor. He and his assistant, Carolyn Lovell were both exceedingly helpful in talking with us about Downs, telling us what to expect, and answering all of our questions.

3 weeks old – Went back to pediatrician. Wade is gaining weight just fine. He has passed his birth weight.

1 month old – Back to the audiologist for a third hearing test. This is a basic electronic test that is done on all infants at the hospital when they are born. Wade does not pass it this time either. Somewhere between 40 – 60% of Down’s children have some hearing loss. The ear and ear canal tends to be smaller in these children, which increases the chances of problems. Our next step is to take Wade to an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist for further testing and evaluation.

This coming week we have an appointment with the EN&T doctor on Wednesday. On Thursday we have an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist at MCG for a heart checkup. Approx. 50% of Down’s children are born with heart defects. The doctors who have listened to Wade’s heart have said that they do not hear any problems. Pray with us that his heart will check out normal.

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Thanks for sharing. We appreciate your attitude. God bless. --Julia