Tuesday, July 17, 2012

All by My-say-elf

                                     Wade got custom-made ear plugs for swimming this summer.  
                                     Which is why his cartoon characters also now wear ear plugs.

                                                            Meet Gep.  Wade's new friend.  
                                                           Who is Gep?  I don't know.

                                                     I drew the top picture.
                                                     I thought Wade was copying it.
                                                     Then I saw the snout and whiskers.
                                                     I don't know anything about that either.

Ha Pe Fhr Dae
                                           The spelling wasn't perfect, but the sentiment was.
                                           It made Father's Dae very Ha Pe.

Words are everywhere!

Montessori.  Very.

Books + Wade = Happiness

We both are loving Numicon math!

And we all love Grandpa!

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