Sunday, June 10, 2012


I am enjoying all the wonderful words I am hearing from Wade the last while which he puts together in ways that just tickle my funny bone.

Our music therapist has started using the Music for Little Mozarts piano course with Wade.  It incorporates the adventures of Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse along with music concepts and Wade is LOVING it.  He learned the dynamic signs forte (loud) and piano (soft).  

One evening I was talking to Chris in the living room while Wade got ready for bed.  In the background I heard Wade saying something very loudly, but I ignored him for a bit while I finished talking with Chris.  When I finally went to see what Wade wanted, he said reproachfully, "Mom!  I was forte, LOUD!"

(Yes, yes, I KNOW, dear!!!!)

In our other summer adventures in learning, we finally got our Numicon Math Kit 1.  Down Syndrome Education International recommends using this math with our children.  Numicon was not originally developed as a special ed curriculum, but I've been in contact with a special ed teacher and researcher from Virginia who has had amazing results using this math with her students.  She is currently doing some research projects that will evaluate the effectiveness of Numicon in comparison to other math programs for students with disabilities and math difficulties.  Wade and I are eager to get started learning more about using it!

The summer writing practice continues.  

And so do the oral motor exercises.

Even for Murphy.

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