Thursday, April 08, 2010

How Did We Get There from Here?

The strangest thing about this conversation is that it all took place very seriously, almost as if it were.......logical.

Chris: Girls were made out of bone; boys were made out of dirt. Guess that's why girls play with bones and boys play with dirt.

Me: Girls play with bones?

Chris: Yes.

Me: I've never seen girls playing with bones.

Chris: Well, they do.

Me: Have you ever seen a girl playing with a bone?

Chris: No, but you played with bones when you were little. You just don't remember it.

Me: I don't think so.

Chris: Well, they play with fake ones.

Me: What do fake bones look like?

Chris: Oh, some are blue, some are flue, and some are clue.

Me: Oh!!!!!

Chris: Well, anyway, I'll bet a girl would take a bone from a dog.

Me: I doubt that!

Chris: A dog would take a bone from a girl!

Me: Now, that I believe!

Chris (triumphantly): So the girl DID have the bone. You just proved it yourself!

Me (completely dazed): I have nothing left to say.

(And if that wasn't the Cheshire cat grinning at me, then I'm not Alice.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for my chuckle for the day!
P.S. Ask Claire about the time she and Tina played with bones and traumatized our neighbor!

Anonymous said...

kids! gotta love em!