Friday, November 20, 2009

School Days

Wade started a new era this fall when he graduated from the Babies Can't Wait program at age three.
He now gets an educator from the public school system who comes out once a week to work with him. He loves play time with Miss Motley.

We also enrolled him in a Bible play school two days a week where he is in a class of eight typical children who, we hope, will further inspire his verbal language skills. He gets speech, OT, and PT during the days he is there.
The second day of play school, he played hooky to attend college. We took him in for a clinical correlation with a class of first-year medical students who were studying Down Syndrome. It was an interesting day for us all.
This fall, we found a music therapist who is just getting established locally. He offered to come to our support group and do a free demo session with the children. That was a fun evening and Wade was happy to participate in the music!

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