Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day Surgery

The Gloved One

The Gloved One ready for Kenalog injections

Coloring out the frustrations of a long wait

At last, ready to go

After waking back up, not feeling so great

Home again, food at last!

The Other Gloved One

Wade has been wearing a Jobst glove to help counteract the scar tissue from his burn, which has thickened on the top of his palm and on his third finger. Today he also had steroid injections done which will help to start breaking up the scar tissue. He will likely have the injections done three times, six weeks apart. He was sedated for the procedure because the injections need to be placed very precisely and are painful.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the poor boy (and parents)! May God give you grace and patience through all of this! God is all-knowing, even tho we don't always understand, "why us?"

Anonymous said...

Oops! Guess I didn't know our name wouldn't appear on the above post - sorry! Ruth Ellen

Nancy C said...

I haven't checked your blog in awhile and was so sorry to hear this. I will keep Wade in my prayers. Was he burned badly? That is so scary...Cameron is so risky in the kitchen that I put up the gate when I turn on the stove top or oven. We have had some close calls. Will this affect his fine motor skills? Keep us posted.

nstrite said...

It was second degree burns, but because of the importance of having a fully functional hand, they did some temporary skin grafting.

The scar tissue had thickened a bit recently but he has full range of motion and is not bothered at all by it at this point. If it were left alone, however, it may cause problems someday, so they are treating it aggressively now.

Thanks for the prayers. We need them!