Sunday, February 08, 2009


Wade continues to thrive at his own pace. His accomplishments are full of joy for us as well as for him.

He is now getting therapy two or three days a week. Speech and occupational are every week and physical is every other week at this time.

When Jesse moved away in August, Laurie became his new OT.

Wade is always sociable and unafraid of strangers, but I could tell that he was unsettled during the transition until a routine was established with the new OT.

He can now walk without support up and down the little stairs Nevin built for him.

He is learning to jump, but still locks his knees most of the time because it makes him feel safer that way. But it's very difficult and jarring to jump with locked knees. Try it sometime.

He does a great job with shape sorting and simple wooden puzzles.

He is learning to string beads.

He is trying very hard to learn to take lids off. (Hmmm. Is that a good thing to encourage at this point?)

Another scary thought is that he almost can work doorknobs properly.

His speech is progressing slowly. He voluntarily puts two signs together to make two-word sentences. He signs, "Eat sandwich" and "More cracker".

He is also getting much better at saying different sounds and some recognizable words. Just this week he said very clearly multiple times the words nice, ice, night,and light.

Before this he would sometimes come out with a new perfect word now and then, but not be able to repeat it consistently.

Mostly he loves words beginning with B and if he can't figure it out any other way to say a word, he thinks the word Bap should express it all.

He has had several colds along with croup and a sinus infection this winter. As a result, he learned to blow his nose nicely. (There's always an upside!)

And in October he learned what hot means the hard way when he touched our glass fireplace door and got second degree burns on the palm, fingers, and thumb of his right hand.

I never wanted to have an acquaintance with the burn unit other than to provide meals occasionally. But that's where we got sent for some temporary skin grafting.

His burn has healed nicely, but I am still massaging it with lotion every day to help the skin renew itself without scarring.

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