Thursday, January 31, 2008

He's Walking!!

When Wade was about a year old, his PT told us how well he was doing and said she was going to have him walking by the time he was 18 months old. Well, he started walking unassisted at about 15 1/2 months! We are so pleased with him, although it sure has made it a lot harder keeping up with him. He is getting into everything. We have to keep the bathroom doors closed, the stairs blocked off, the stone hearth covered, the pantry closed, and he still manages to find all kinds of things & places to explore.

This first video was taken right around Christmas. He was still doing his "combat" crawl. He never did crawl with his tummy off the floor very much. About the same week he started crawling more with his tummy off the floor, he started walking unassisted.

The next video is of him walking. It seems so funny to be working in the office, hear something and look up to see Wade walking in to see what's happening.

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Beth Hotchkiss-Yoder said...

so cute!!!! You know if your kids really want snow and cold weather. . .just pack everybody up and head up North!!!!! :)